Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

Sex is a MirrorWe are sexual creatures: made by sex, sustained by sex – and if we are foolish – destroyed by sex. What we are now is a result of sex. What we will be depends upon our use of sex.

Our relationship to sex shows us who we truly are inside. Sex is a mirror into our soul. Let us peer into the basis of all life – sexuality – and discover who we truly are, and what we can become.

For the first time in history, you can now learn the esoteric knowledge that was long protected by the purest souls, repressed by the power-mad, and rejected by the degenerates. There is a precise science of sexual health and fulfillment, and anyone – from any religion, culture, or creed – can enter into the path towards upright, natural, and sacred sexuality.

This knowledge is free for anyone and everyone, requires no membership or fee of any kind, does not require that you follow a guru or teacher, and in fact encourages you to be self-reliant, an independent thinker, and without psychological, spiritual, or financial burdens of any kind.

Most of all, this science has been practiced by millions of serious spiritual aspirants from around the world, in every kind of religious tradition, and is being practiced today. Universally, those who put these teachings into practice experience freedom from sexual regret, a new, powerful sense of sexual expression and fulfillment, and a deepening connection to the Divine Within.

Discover for yourself what all the world’s great spiritual messengers taught: how to use your natural sexual forces to awaken your consciousness and free yourself from suffering.

Jesus and MaryThis website endeavors to introduce to all of humanity an ancient, long-hidden, secret knowledge about sex. Here we gather from all the world’s religions a collection of writings about sexuality, but not that concerned with sex as we commonly encounter it; our interest is in the hidden or esoteric knowledge of sex that has always been reserved for the priesthood or initiated disciples of every tradition. This sacredknowledge is always concerned with the birth of the soul, the entry into a new world, or in other words, creation. Simple observation of natural laws demonstrates that creation is always sexual. Thus, the secret or private knowledge held by the high priests and lamas has always been sexual knowledge, also known as the Tree of Knowledge (da’at), Tantra, Alchemy, Gnosis, and many other names.

By studying these roots texts, one can demonstrate the universal knowledge that rests in the heart of all the great religions. Although the forms, terms, and methods may appear different, it remains undeniable that there is a great secret power hidden in the sexual forces that reside within all of us, and that some persons throughout the world and its history have been educated in a method to access that power, which transforms the entire person, giving them in depth knowledge of the mysteries of God, the divine, and – if used improperly – the infernal.

Due to the power contained in the sexual mysteries, the highest and purest forms have traditionally been reserved only for the elite: those who had proven their ability to use such knowledge for the benefit of others. On the contrary, there has always been another class of knowledge that is easy to access and develop – but with grave consequences. Thus, the secret knowledge of sexual transformation has many forms. This website is concerned only with that knowledge as taught by the great masters of every tradition: Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and others. These avatars (messengers) brought the light of knowledge in a pure form, that focuses on how to utilize the greatest power we have within (sex) in order to remove the greatest sufferings: in other words, that teach how to eliminate and conquer the animalistic ego. There is another school of knowledge whose interest is in power, indulgence in sensation, and worse. This form of knowledge can be called “black,” for it is blackened by the presence of lust, pride, gluttony, and all those psychological elements that create suffering. There are many texts and writings belonging to that school or tradition, and we do not reproduce or refer to them on this site. Therefore, you can be sure that what you encounter on this site belongs to the class of scriptures and writings that guide the soul towards the Light, and out of the bondage of suffering.

May you find That which you seek.


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