What is the Delayed Ejaculation Mastery technique?

Delayed Ejaculation is a practice employed by Tantric men. It is a foundation technique for men and one that requires practice both alone and also with a partner to master it.

This technique is not for everybody, but for those who are willing to do their homework it does have its benefits. As with everything it does require regular practice and there are some men who will be able to master this fairly quickly and others for whom it may take considerable time but the older you are the easier it becomes. Not only that, if you like challenges this technique will change and evolve the more you practice it since you will notice subtle differences in your experience with it.

So what’s so special about this? Why should I practice this? Well because the result can be literally mind-blowing as you can extend your orgasm for not just minutes but for hours depending on how well you know your body….which is why practice is required.

How is this achieved? Quite simply you have to differentiate between orgasm and ejaculation. They are 2 distinct bodily functions and part of your practice is to differentiate between the two as it happens in your body. Normally to achieve ejaculation you allow your sexual energy to rise to a peak (orgasm) or the point of “no return”, at which point you will ejaculate.

By being aware of this point of “no return” you will be able to slow down and by using breath and by staying present by learning to “let go” as opposed to “control” you can learn to delay your ejaculation by moving this energy through your body (and allow you to experience what Tantrics know as full body orgasm). By raising and lowering your sexual energy in this manner during your practice you can literally achieve a higher level of ecstasy, each time experiencing orgasm (i.e. experiencing multiple orgasms) and then ejaculate when you chose, (and it could be after a period of minutes, hours or even days).

So it sounds like it’s a good technique but why should I do it when I already experience great sex. Because, it will teach you to know yourself better, improve your self-esteem as a person, as well as a lover, give you a greater zest for life, improve your vitality, help keep you younger, and increase the connection between yourself, your lover and others. But all in all, you will feel better about yourself in every aspect of your life.

Copyright © 2006, Tantra for Life. All rights reserved.

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