Heartbroken and Disappointed

We had a connection. A Tantric Connection, he said. We talked about everything under the sun. He taught me things I did not know. I taught him, too, or so he said.

We could feel each other. No phones. No internet. No letters. We could just feel each other’s energy.

He performed a goddess ritual when he would self pleasure and have my pic in his mind. “I feel our connection is super strong…..and the element of sex, and the deep nasty dirtiness of our sexual connection only strengthens our already strong emotional and intellectual connection.”

Our last conversation he said that something was wrong. He said that he felt ill health coming from my yoni & breasts. That kind of scared me. Am I sick?

No, I’m needing sex, he tells me. He can feel it and since he is in India and I am in the US, there is no way he & I can have physical sex. “Go find someone and have sex with them”, he says. “In Tantric Science one is allowed to substitute your lover when he is not available.” My heart fell. That tells me he will never be a loyal lover and I am saddened by that. And so I end it. I am not about to go there again. Be true to me or just don’t be in my life. I want monogamy or I want nothing at all.

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