“To have Eros open our eyes to the subtle plane, therefore, is intrinsically a chaotic and disorienting event. We are pulled both ways simultaneously: irresistibly inward toward unity and in panic outward from the threat of annihilation. No wonder we prefer to keep our eyes closed to the mysteries of Eros. In comparison, the survival struggle of the persona field is tame. It is far easier to believe that sexual attraction represents nothing more than the urge to procreate — the ultimate “social cement.” For as long as we see our sexual urge as purely horizontal in its intentions, we can remain quietly ignorant of the vertical dimension of sexuality and its potential as a dizzying and dangerous ladder of ascent. Indeed, the pursuit of orgasm may be the surest way to avoid Eros, for Eros appears only in the tension between the lure of union and the terror of annihilation. ” ~ anon

2 thoughts on “EROS MOST DIZZYING

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