We Dare

I know what’s inside of you, I’ve seen it.
I know the path you’ve walked to get here, to be who you are.
I don’t know the details, but I recognize the map. As do the others who have tread a similar road.
For they, us, and those to follow, have in some way created the map.
There was a point we stepped off the path to forge a new way.
And for those who stay on the narrow road, seeing little of what’s on either side or the detours the journey offers, they see the danger we are.
For we dare to be different, to challenge, to think and create.
We dare to know that what most think of as safe and secure is but an illusion.
We dare to know that mediocrity kills the soul and makes us nothing but slaves.
We dare to celebrate beauty, in all the forms it takes.
We dare to shine a light into the darkness of ourselves and others, to bring that darkness and its gifts into the light.
We dare to be broken, and to rise up, again and again in a world increasingly in conflict.
We dare to stretch beyond belief and limitation.
We dare to create, in so many ways. Knowing that the act of creation, the possibilities that it gives birth to, has more meaning than the end.
We dare to step beyond the boundaries of belief, knowing that we are one with the abyss.
We dare to take fear with us as we choose to venture regardless, knowing that to not is death of the spirit.
We dare to speak our truth, in acts of creation. They burn within us to be released, we let them be free for ourselves.
And we dare to be silent as you look upon them in laughter or scorn.
We dare to be open of heart. To hurt. And to give again.
We dare to love. With fire and passion. With fullness of body, heart, mind, spirit.
And we dare to talk of Spirit. As if we know. For we do.
And we dare to accept, in silent knowing, that we are joined to the force of life. That there is more connection than separation.
We dare to build bridges rather than destroy them.
We dare to connect, to share, to complement, to add, to expand.
We dare to manifest the qualities of God, of Goddess, of Source, of Consciousness. Not in dogma, but in life.
For to not do so is to not be that which we are.

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