Universal Laws?

Question: I completely understand that, many times, life happens for us to learn a lesson or lessons. I can absolutely see that in my own life. Recently, I am reading more and more on the Universal laws of which the Principle of Belief and Principle of Correspondence are just two. So my question is this: if life situations are here to help us learn and grown spiritually, and we will not always get want we want, how does that work with the Universal Laws of like attracts like, ” as within, so without” or the Law of Belief that states, “whatever you believe, you will see.”

Answer: That is a great question, and it actually addresses our multidimensionality demonstrating that there are many things that effect our reality. Unfortunately, many of us are just now awakening. For many, many lifetimes we have not been aware of the universal laws because we chose to look away from our spiritual self and divine guidance, and chose to follow the advice of our ego. Due to many lifetimes of disconnection from the spiritual realms, we are now currently experiencing the rebalancing of our energy or karma that we have created. Energy always seeks balance. Some of this karma was created from previous lives, but a lot of it has been created from THIS lifetime.

For example, review your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions five years ago….were they in balance? Most likely they were not, and because of this you are experiencing the ramifications of your previous level of energetic vibrations you were emitting from your energy field. So if you want to have a better future, you will need to create a better now and that means to follow and understand the universal laws, as well as, clear out the old energetic distortions within your energy field that have not been healed and continue to draw negative experiences to you.

Oftentimes, we will have hidden distorted beliefs and subconscious patterns we are not even aware of ~ this will require self introspection in order for you to be able to observe the patterns within your life…. and it will also require you to be brutally honest with your self about your distortions. These distortions are your learning lessons and each lesson will need to be mastered before you have proven that you no longer need to experience that type of interaction anymore.

One of the best ways to move through your karma and soul lessons is to love yourself and give gratitude for the opportunity to advance and evolve your soul. Be willing to SEE your selves working within your being….then you will be masterfully playing the game of life. Once the lessons are learned and your energetic frequency is raised ~ through the expansion of your heart chakra ~ then you will be gifted with the power of magnetism and manifestation and the “ask and you will receive” and the “believe and you will see” will be very evident to you because your life force energies will have been restored to a higher level of manifestation.

However, until your thoughts and feelings are brought into balance and are focused for the highest good of all involved, you will be limited in your abilities to create things quickly because this ability to manifest instantaneously could be highly destructive for yourself and the Earth.


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