Tantric rituals are among the most important practices used by Tantrikas to elevate, glorify and offer their love and respect to the Divine Goddess. There are many rituals in the ancient path of Tantra Yoga. One of the purposes on this blog is to demystify some of the esoteric practices and understand how Tantra is a path of expansion, leading to deep personal awakening. The Threading Ritual is used to connect us to one another. It’s difficult to attain that strength of energy surge without threads or without a tantrik.

You tie one end of one thread on one nipple, let it fall down, wind it between your yoni and ass cheeks and all the way round your back over your shoulder. Tie the other end of first thread to the second nipple. Now reverse it for the second thread. This uses the threads a energy channels. Then various postures & body movements are done; they are all normal postures involving gyration of hips, to churn the energy in the chakras.

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