Sit Silently and Wait

Sometimes what happens is that meditation is close by but you are engaged in other things. That still small voice is within you but you are full of noise, engagements, occupations, responsibilities. And meditation comes like a whisper, it doesn’t come like a slogan shouting, it comes very silently. It makes no noise. Not even the footsteps are heard. So if you are engaged, it waits and goes.

Therefore, make it a point, at least an hour every day, just to sit silently and wait for it. Don’t do anything; just sit silently with closed eyes in great waiting, with a waiting heart, with an open heart. You are there, just waiting, so if something happens then you are ready to receive it. If nothing happens don’t feel frustrated. Even sitting for one hour and having nothing happen is good; it’s relaxing. It calms you down, makes you still, makes you more centered and rooted. But more and more it will come and slowly, oh so slowly, there will arise an understanding between you and the meditative state; that you wait at a certain hour in a certain room at a certain time, it will come more and more. It is not something that comes from the outside; it comes from your innermost core. But when the inner conscious knows that the outer conscious is waiting for it, there is more possibility of meeting.

Just sit under a tree. The breeze is blowing and the leaves of the tree are rustling. The wind touches you, it moves around you, it passes. But don’t allow it just to pass you; allow it to move within you and pass through you. Just close your eyes, and as it is passing through the tree and there is a rustling of leaves, feel that you are also like a tree, open, and the wind is blowing through you – not by your side, but right through you.


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