Tibetan Tantra

Arrogance, pride, conceit or aggrandizement is the emotion or feeling of being superior to others.

This karmic inclination is apparent in the minds of gods and goddesses of the celestial and titan  realms.

In the human condition, the judgmental mind of certain people think that because of what they believe in, aquire, or do, that they are superior to others and the natural world.

This emotion causes extreme separation between self and others.

This negative subject object duality fixation can be shattered by the antidote of equanimity, equality, and evenness of mind acquired through the spiritual practices of meditation, patience, generosity, diligence, ethical and moral discipline, good manners, and the insight as to the true nature of ones mind.

The realization arises that we are all equal, or the same interconnected, and in no way separate.

Unconditional loving kindness and altruistic compassion for all suffering sentient beings is the…

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