Lesson 3a ~ Reiki Certification

The problem with talking about Reiki with others is that they tend to mystify it. For them, it falls under the realm of supernatural, magical & mystical. I like these words, we can use them & they apply, to a certain extent, but so do the words scientific, quantifiable & real.The only differences in energy are its vibrations. This is true of everything: So a squirrel chasing its tail, a piece of paper sitting on my desk & you reading this post. The only difference is the rate you are vibrating at. Reiki vibrates universally, at a very high level. This is why it heals, it’s pure love, which binds, holds, heals & glues everything back together that has fallen apart, unless to heal the route is by destroying, dissecting & letting go, in this case Reiki helps you undue the damage to get back to a place of balance.Reiki being energy also has its own awareness, so it works without your directing it. All you need do is channel it.
Since Reiki is a real force of energy you can actually see it, using aura photography. I will now posts some pictures showing how Reiki can change your auric field.Originator: https://www.facebook.com/groups/240543172637047/

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