Lesson Seven ~ The Healing

Reiki Hand Positions 
Traditionally many Reiki practitioners give a whole body treatment covering all the hand positions. This method gives a very good overall healing effect and can be recommended if in doubt about the cause of the problem to be treated. Since the Reiki energy is ‘spiritually’ guided, or said another way intimately connected to everything else, it will in the end go where it is needed. As it passes through the healer they too benefit. Many practitioners have found that by being guided by their intuition they can reach even better results.

Personally I have always found that this is the case. In other words the clearer of a channel you are, the stronger your Reiki will be. Again, as I have said so many times before, there are those Reiki healers who insist that because Reiki is guided on a higher plane it shouldn’t matter, but should or shouldn’t, in the real world, it seems to. This has been proven via Kirlian photography or Aura Photography where people emitting strong Reiki can be distinguished from someone emitting a weak stream of energy. However, as a Reiki healer, the more you heal others, the more Reiki that moves through you, raising your own vibrations & healing yourself. It’s a Pay It Forward thing & generates, really good ‘Karma’.

The effectiveness and ease of use in the Reiki system is based on the hand positions. The Reiki hand positions we use in the Western world probably come from Mrs Takata. According to new findings Mikao Usui and Dr. Hayashi seem to have mostly worked with the head and directly on the problem area.

The traditional Reiki hand positions cover all the important major chakras and quite a few acupuncture points. Traditionally it is also common to give a whole treatment which will take just over an hour and give a very good overall balancing effect. The healing begins with a proper set & setting. Comforting music, incense, candles, and crystals all can add to the overall ambience & effectiveness of the healing simply because it puts the patient or receiver at ease: Though I have done Reiki at car crash scenes on busy highways with sirens blaring & people yelling with an equally powerful effect. Ideally you would then conduct a brief interview, first explaining what Reiki is to the potential receiver, if they need to know & answer any appropriate questions they may have. Next ask them about what they hope to get from the healing; understanding that some people can be uncomfortable talking about their ailments. Knowing this can be helpful but it is not necessary by any means. Basically talking to the Reiki receiver also has the effect of putting them at ease.

The more relaxed the receiver is before the session begins the quicker & more powerfully the session will be. I want you all to download this great treatment guide with a picture of the different hand positions, make sure you print this up & put it in your binder we spoke about earlier. You need Acrobat Reader 4). Here’s the link for the guide. http://www.reiki.nu/Treatmentguide2.pdf

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