Lesson Eight~ Reiki Levels

Lets call lesson 8 all the links for all the hand positions that I just posted. I will also go over the different levels of Reiki certification just for your own informational purposes. The good news is that I believe I can certify all of you as Reiki levels 1 & 2, not just at the level one. I have been doing some thinking & see how it is just as easy to certify you for both levels as it is to certify you for the one level. Reiki Level 1

Level 1 is pretty basic. You will be attuned to the Usui Reiki Energy. You will learn how to give (and will also receive) a full Reiki treatment, self treatment, and a quick treatment. You will also learn the basics of energy management, healing vibrations, the chakra system, the aura and the power of thought.

(Nothing too mysterious about receiving Reiki, just lay on the table & relax. When you are a Reiki healer it helps to call in your own Reiki while another Reiki healer, works on you. In fact, anytime you get a healing, from a western medical doctor, or Acupuncture, or even a massage, call in your Reiki to increase the power of that healing).

Reiki Level 2: You will be attuned to the second level of Reiki and learn the healing symbols specific to it. You will also receive a grounding attunement to keep your feet on the ground and your energy well-balanced. You will learn about and experience healing at a distance, cleansing and energizing rooms, preparing meetings and exams etc. as well as using Reiki to manifest ideas.

Reiki Level 3: Master Practitioner Level
You will be attuned to the third level of Reiki and learn the Master Usui healing symbol. You will learn to create your own crystal healing and manifestation grid, perform psychic surgery as well as cleanse and heal auras.This is a powerful level of energy management and requires time and preparation of the first two levels before embarking on this journey.

Reiki Level 4: Reiki Master – Teaching Level
The highest level of Reiki – the teaching level. You will be initiated into this level and will learn the teaching symbols as well as revising all the other levels and symbols. We will also revise and expand working with aura’s, chakra balancing, scanning and psychic surgery. You will practice and experience how to give attunements and we will discuss the giving of Reiki seminars and setting up a Reiki Practice.

Original Post by Michael Coyne


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