Cho Ku Rei ~ This is the Power Symbol

Reiki Energy will flow without it, but when you use it, it is believed that the energy increases significantly. It would be as if you had changed the bulb in a lamp from 50 watts to 500 watts. Use at the beginning of the healing session and at any other time that additional power is needed. It is geared specifically for healing within the physical body.

The meaning and translation of the symbol: The power of the Universe, the divine light, is assessable to me, to focus. It is the divine creation symbol: The manifestation of the light (the divine energy) on earth. The energy frequent, which you produce with the strengthening symbol, is one of the highest spiritual powers, which you can send out: The clear universal divine Power of light and unconditional love.

Every energy application will get stronger when using this symbol. For this meditation, sit at your computer, or if you downloaded the music, listen to it on your MP3 player or iphone anywhere you like, (Not while driving). If at your computer sit straight & start by drawing this symbol on a piece of clean white paper in front of you, you can later 3 hole punch it for your binder. Then close your eyes & listen to the music, breath in through your nose & out through your mouth if possible. Imagine the symbol, let it float through your mind; ask it to become one with you. Often, the symbol morphs & changes, let this happen: Picture it from different angles, if it were an animal what would it be, if it were a part of nature how would it appear to you.

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