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power of language blog: partnering with reality by JR Fibonacci

When people comment on spiritual subjects, the extent of their comprehension or authority of the subject is demonstrated in their spirit and in the spirit of their words. So, when people lack spiritual authority, but then comment on spiritual subjects, their lack of direct experience may be quite evident. Those without spiritual authority may lack confidence and so they may seek the agreement of others and approval of others, as well as display a frightened belligerence and also arrogantly hold anyone in contempt who does not conspicuously agree with them, as in the extreme case of the witch-hunting Puritans or the Crusading Holy Roman Inquisition of ritual human sacrifice.

Those who lack confidence in their own spiritual authority may refer to other authors as the source of their authority, such as neglecting the reality of spiritual doctrines and focusing on the lineage and pedigree of their teachers. They may make…

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