Using Reiki to Create Abundance

How to use Reiki, to create wealth & abundance. Have you actualized your ideal life? Are you using the law of attraction to create wealth and happiness in your life? We’ve created an Abundance Prosperity Reiki technique that combines Reiki with prosperity laws of attraction. It’s simple and effective. Try it out for yourself and see how abundance and prosperity begins to flow into your life. We all live in an abundant universe. It just takes tapping into the energy of prosperity. As you read this section remember… you deserve an abundant life. Optional Supplies for the Technique: * Pen and Paper

* 1 Orange Candle * A Glass of Water * Two Sticks of Your favorite Incense * A Ruby, Garnet, or other Prosperity Crystal * A small Wooden Bowl with Earth or Sand in it Abundance Prosperity Reiki Step #1: Find a quiet place in your house.

Turn off the phone and put on some soothing music. Light some of your favorite incense. Place the wooden bowl filled with earth, the glass of water, your prosperity crystal, and a small orange candle on a table in front of you. The incense represents the element of air energy. The bowl of earth represents the element of earth energy.

The glass of water represents the element of water energy. The candle represents the element of fire energy and the orange color of the candle brings in the energy of the sacral chakra, the chakra in charge of creation and manifestation. Abundance Prosperity

Reiki Step #2: Write down what you wish to manifest. Use an affirmation of wealth: Here’s a sample wealth affirmation to get your creative juices flowing: “Abundance and prosperity flow into my life. Peace flows into my life. Health flows into my life.” Draw a cho-ku-Re, Reiki symbol onto the paper next to your manifestation request. This will bring in the universal white light energy that is Reiki into your prosperity laws of attraction request, magnifying its strength. Abundance Prosperity

Reiki Step #3: Read your affirmation request out loud three times. The spoken word magnifies everything ten-fold. Feel your abundance wish already manifested and present in your life. Visualize your life as it will be when you have achieved your abundance wish. Feel the joy and gratitude that it brings into your life now that you have it. Abundance Prosperity

Reiki Step #4: Pick up your chosen crystal and hold it clasped between both of your hands. Feel it’s vibrations emanating into your hands. Wrap the abundance prayer sheet around the crystal and continue holding both the paper and the crystal between your hands. Take four deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Focus on the paper and the crystal and begin toning OM. Repeat the OMtwelve times. Abundance Prosperity Reiki

Step #5: Drink the water you have set nearby. Reiki Masters have proven that energetic vibrations transfer to water. The water in the glass has picked up all of the powerful vibrations of your affirmation. By drinking the water, you are imbuing the reality of your abundance affirmation into the cells of your body. Light the second stick of incense and send your affirmation blessing to the universe. Burning the incense releases your wish to Spirit. Spirit will now orchestrate your universe to send you all of the abundance and prosperity that you have asked for.

The power of consistency: Every day, until your affirmation has been manifested, pull out the abundance paper you created and speak the abundance affirmation out loud. Feel the abundance vibrating into your life every time you say it.

There are many ways to attract abundance into your life; this is simply one of them. Allow your intuition to tell you what will work best for you.

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