SEX? Yes please!

trust meI stumbled upon an awesome site. I followed a link and lo and behold, yet another site about sex…lol There are hundreds out here, but very few that aren’t porn or neo-Tantra (NOT a fan!).

This site was founded by Adina Rivers. There are posts from other sex writers such as Kendal Williams ( Note: I do NOT subscribe to all she writes. Who really are the Pleiadians and where is the PROOF?

The link I have embedded is about an under-fucked pussy and yes, yes, yes, I fully believe what Kendal has written. I have been telling lovers for years that I get really cranky when I don’t have a good orgasm regularly. Doesn’t everyone? I didn’t realize how it also affects other areas of life.

Enjoy the article. I know I have.

9 thoughts on “SEX? Yes please!

    • According to my guru, who lives in India and has been teaching Tantra for many years, there are 64 books in the Tantra and only ONE of them deals with sex. In the west we seem to be a bit preoccupied with the sexual part, while discounting, if at all acknowledging, the other 63. THAT is why I’m not a fan of neo-Tantra. Tantra really isn’t all about sex 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading my blog. I read yours & we’re connected on facebook…Jeanne Murray

      • Yes, I am aware of the difference between Western and Eastern Tantra..however, I also have worked with numerous East Indian couples who want to zone in and focus on the sexual aspects to heal the other part of themselves and their relationships. If you ask me, right now is a time for both the West and the East to focus on creating healthier societies and I truly believe that the core of our issue is Sexual. But I hear you and fully respect your thoughts, opinion and your blog! From my heart to yours, Joy

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