KALI – in the beginning

Let it come
I don’t care
all the poison
all the fear
let it come
let it cum
let it come
Let it surface
Let it rise
Let the tears fall
from my eyes
I don’t care
I don’t care
Let it come.
Let the fires of hell
burn; as I struggle to
learn; let the fires of hell
burn; as I struggle to
discern; I don’t care
I don’t fear; I don’t fear.
for in the ashes of my
demise; lie centuries of lying
eyes; in the dungeons of despair
in the dark night of a soul..
always there be Light.

Let it torment
Let it tear
Let it rip apart my
skin; it’s only skin
after all; it’s only skin;
Let it judge and berate
me; and even dare to
hate me; it’s only sin;
after all; it’s only sin;
let me stumble; let me fall
matters little after all
i just get up; again;
i just get up; matters
little after all, how many
times I fall; matters little
in my eyes, how many times
I rise; matters more the
lessons that I learn;

Is that the best that
you can do? Look, my soul
I’m baring it to you; put on it
your reddest curse; do with it
your level best worst; your time
is now; my time has come.
my captivation; your love of
fun; ride we shall to hell and
back; knock we shall on heaven’s
door; asking angels what wings
are for; when in hell there is no
flight; and in heaven there is Light;
spinning wheels in the game of chance
where fools get torn, who cannot dance;
your time is now; my time has come;
my soul is bare with that mustard
seed of fear. So let it come;
I don’t care; let it cum.

Artwork by:Victoria Bearden, MFA