Learn the Master Keys of Sufi Prophetic Healing

Learn the Master Keys of Sufi Prophetic Healing

By Kim Phipps on August 5, 2012

No matter what particular issue you’re working on during your healing journey, the most important place to focus is your heart. Your heart carries all of the issues, all of the concerns, and all of the beliefs that are self-limiting, dysfunctional or painful. These are all stored in the heart.

Thus, the place to begin receiving is into the heart. As the heart clears, as the wounds release, and as the beliefs dissolve, love flows into the heart, and then this love circulates throughout the entire body on every level, physical, emotional and spiritual.

So it is essential to develop and increase your ability to receive love. Even if you had experiences in the past that made you afraid to receive love, this is based on a false belief that love is hurtful or dangerous. What you got may have hurt you, but real love doesn’t hurt; it heals.

It is important to realize that this belief does not serve you. And real love is available to you around the clock. Set your intention to deepen your receiving, especially to receive into those deeper realms that are thirsty for the love. The places that are thirsty are the ones which have been wounded, shut down and protected.

In the healing work, often the fiercest dragon guards the most tender and vulnerable places in our heart. As we drop deeper into our hearts, this often surfaces as anger or fear. These emotions can get rather strong, since these are the emotions that were packed into the heart years ago when you were facing situations where you decided to close up,

protect and defend. When you focus on receiving, you realize that the key is to bring love to the places that are thirsty, the places where you have held off the love out of fear or defense. This is a tremendous opportunity to bring healing in a gentle way.

Trust Yourself

by Maxine Whitfield

If you want joy in your life

Focus on yourself day and night

Breathe deeply to connect with your heart

Just say, ” I am love, I am light, I am truth”

It’s how you start

Connect with the love energy

It’s floating in the sky

It is so powerful, so amazing, it’s the deepest high

When the timing is right

The universe gives you gifts day and night

Ask and you shall receive

Focus on love

Just believe!

It takes different times for all

Remember to not be envious of others

You are special and unique

Timing is the key

You have no control of it so just believe

Put all your trust in yourself

Follow your heart, it is your guide

You are your own creator

Create from the inside


How to Move Mountains with Your True Heart

There will be instances in life that require you to win over people who oppose you and gain their sincere support. It is possible to gain compliance through bribes, fear and the use of force. But this is not sincere support. In any case, you will never be able to win hearts and minds in this manner. Instead, this lack of true support may cause problems for you in the future. For example, people might withdraw their support for you at key points due to a lack of loyalty.

What should you do in this case? You must move people with your sincerity. Specifically, you must show them your true heart.

What is the True Heart of Sincerity?

Dictionary.com states that sincerity means freedom from deceit, hypocrisy or duplicity; honesty in intention or in communicating; earnestness.

But the true heart of sincerity is far more complex. According to “the Korean Mind,” the meaning includes beliefs, spirituality, attitude and character. To show one’s true heart, a person must be trusted to act in accord with the highest social and ethical standards. He or she must be unselfish, honest, loyal and diligent. If need be, this person must be willing to make great sacrifices and go beyond the call of duty. This person must show that they deserve the chance they seek.

The Need to Show Your True Heart

There are many reasons why people may oppose you and your goals in the first place. It could be due to their comfort zones, their way of thinking, the upheavals due to change and so on.

They might also question your sincerity, ability and credibility. Do you have what it takes? Will you go the distance to fulfil your goals? Can they trust you if they lend your their support? Why should they support you? How will they benefit from supporting you? Is supporting you the right and best choice given the situation?

How else will you overcome such opposition unless you show your true heart?

Suffice to say, the bigger the change involved, the greater the need to show your true heart to move opposition. After all, if it were not some radical goal or idea in the first place, no one would oppose you. But because your request may bring great change, there will be great resistance that you need to overcome. And if you need the support, you will have to put in the effort. Here, you have to be wary of the factors that might prevent you from showing your true heart.

Factors That Hinder Your True Heart

1. Too Much Pride

You might feel that there is no need to demean yourself or to waste time trying to win people to your point of view. Why should you make yourself look foolish and ridiculous in the eyes of others? If they refuse to support you, it is their loss. Why must you endure repeated rejections? You do not need them and you can easily find support elsewhere.

Sometimes, it is not possible to find alternative sources of support. If this is the case, then pride may prevent you from showing your true heart. Here, you have to ask yourself what is more important, your pride or your goal. What will you achieve if you hold on to your pride? What will you achieve if you choose your goal instead?

2. Lack of Perseverance

It takes time to overcome great resistance due to the inertia involved. Thus, to move people with your true heart, you will need great perseverance. But here, the effort involved might be too much for some. In our time, where we are used to getting everything we want instantly, we might lack the needed patience. When we meet the first sign of obstacles, we might choose to give up instead of persevering. We might feel that we do not have the time to waste trying to move someone with our true heart.

If you have alternatives, then this is not a problem. But if you have no other choice, then perseverance is critical in moving people with your true heart. Here, what you choose to do and say and how you do and say it matters.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The sincerity shown by one’s true heart is not begging or empty words. Begging has no sense of dignity or sincerity. Both begging and empty words do not convince people to lend you their full support. Such superficial forms of persuasion are unlikely to win hearts and minds. As such, people might withdraw their support at any time.

On the other hand, showing your true heart requires you to be dignified and humble. You must convince people with actions that back up your words. You must show your sincerity and ability to carry out what you say. You must also show how people will benefit if they support you, especially if great change is involved.

Here it is better to go the distance and do more than you promised. When your true heart moves people, they will support you out of respect and admiration. Your cause becomes their cause. Your goal becomes their goal. For those who are more practical-minded, they now see the benefits of helping you. Yet even this goes beyond simple self-interest. Your true heart has moved them and they are now willing to go the distance for you.

Moving people with your true heart motivates them to keep their word and lend you their full support. How then do you go about showing your true heart?

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