Voice of Wisdom

Inside every single one of us is a still small voice of wisdom.  It’s small because sometimes the voices of the world seem so loud.  The still voice is always present, and if we pay attention, we can hear it.
This still small voice is always giving us direction.  It is absolutely the perfect signaling device for our aliveness, health, well being, and ability to live life fully.  Most of us have been trained to ignore that little voice; We’ve been taught to use our logic.
What we know is that the more we pay attention to that voice, the louder it gets, the more frequent we can hear it and the better and easier our lives become.
Today is an opportunity for us to simply choose to pay attention.  What is that quiet voice in me saying to me? Practice listening closely to the voice of the still small wisdom within you.
Listen To Your Voice
Source: Mary Morrisey