Reiki Meditations

Grounding Meditation:

Grounding means to relax deeply into your body, to be totally present. To be a really effective Reiki healer it is important to remain grounded each day.

Grounding Meditation

Get rid of negative energy in your life. Been storing up rejections? Dump em out into the earth.


Meditating HOW’TO:

This online Reiki Certification course asks you to do 4 meditations. I thought it would be helpful to cover some proper meditation positions.


Proper Sitting Meditation Positions, Postures & Body Poses

Proper meditation positions & body postures promote smooth circulation. Follow these steps in sitting meditation postures & body poses.


Some variations on the sitting meditation position…


This is a Chakra healing & balancing meditation. As a Reiki healer the more clear your Chakras, the more powerful you are as an energy worker, also called a light worker.


Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing presents a complete chakra balancing & healing session. Working from the base chakra up to the crown chakra using unique sounds a…

God is a Woman?

First of all, I was brought up always to think of God as a woman. However, God is the total mind which generates, organizes and delivers. God stands for generation, organization and delivery. Therefore, it is more representative of the female energy in the universe. In many cultures, it is recognized as goddess energy. Goddess energy and intelligence is wholistic, wise, nourishing, intuitive, contextual, relational, does not have a win/lose orientation and does not believe in linear cause and effect. Male energy and intelligence is linear, has win/lose orientation and rules through conquest and subjugation. Both were necessary in a certain time of our evolutionary history.

The male intelligence protected us from predators and gave rise to the flight/fright response. We learned either to run or to fight. That same response has made us the most dangerous predator on Planet Earth, and unless we quickly embrace the eternal feminine in us as a society and a civilization, we risk our own extinction and will continue to give birth to a legacy of hatred, war, terrorism, predation, conquest, subjugation and ecological devastation. The Goddess must return. ~ Deepak Chopra

Our Brainwaves & Meditation

Reiki Lesson for certification levels 1-2

Our Brainwaves & Meditation.

A crash course on Brainwaves. Whether we are mentally active, resting or asleep, the brain always has some level of electrical activity. We can study & monitor the frequency and location of electrical brain waves through the use of EEG, (electroencephalography). EEG electrodes are placed in standard locations of the scalp using a custom­ made hat. In the late 1960’s and 1970’s it was learned that it was possible to recondition and retrain brainwave patterns. Some of this work began with training to increase alpha brainwave activity to increase relaxation, while other work originating at UCLA focused on uncontrolled epilepsy. This brainwave training is called EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback. Brainwaves occur at various frequencies.

The classic names of these EEG bands are alpha, beta, theta and delta & more recently Gamma has been discovered. Delta – sleep state (0.5 to 4Hz) (0.5 to 4 cycles per second) Theta – between sleep and awake (4 to 8 Hz)(4 to 8 cycles per second) Alpha – relaxed state (8 to 12Hz) (8 to 12 cycles per second) Beta1 – focused concentration (13 to 30Hz) (13­30 cycles per second) Beta2 – alert state Beta3 – very alert, vigilant Beta4 – Hyper vigilant Theta : Relaxed: Indicates deep relaxation and occur more frequently in highly experienced meditation practitioners. Alpha : Calm: Allows the mind to relax and get ready for different mental tasks. It is also a state important for contemplation, planning, inspiration and learning facts fast. Beta1: Focused: Allows paying attention to a specific task, while offsetting distractions. Beta2: Alert: Allows fast response when the need to react quickly is required. Gamma brainwaves have been associated with peak performance states.

Beta can be highly alert but it also can be a highly stressed state, like being in dental pain. Alpha can be a very relaxed state while reading, right before sleeping but many experienced mediators can be in Alpha state for most of the day. Theta when asleep is when you are dreaming, also known as REM, or Rapid Eye Movement.

If awake in Theta one is in a very deep meditation where out of body experiences can occur along with visions of other dimensions. Delta brainwave state is when you are deeply asleep & not dreaming, it is the most restorative state where your body heals. In very rare cases a person may be in a delta state while awake, in fact monks who have mastered meditation can even bring their bodily functions to almost flat line, appearing brain dead on an instrument but very much alive. Feelings of a oneness with the universe can be experienced in this state if awake.

We are never really in one brainwave state at any given time, we are always in a combination of 2 or 3. We categorize what brainwave state we are in by being predominately in one or another. So you could say Beta is your predominate waking brainwave state. As seen above each brainwave is associated with a frequency, these frequencies of states correlate with every possible human experience, thought & feeling we ever have.

It is possible to train your brain to be in a certain frequency through sound & the frequency following effect that sound has on the mind. That is our natural tendency for our minds to resonate with certain sounds.

Alpha brain waves: 8-14 Hz Relaxation and meditation. It is achieved during meditation and numerous energy healing techniques to create a deeper state of relaxation and wellbeing. Often used by Reiki healers. Creativity and learning is easily accessed and processed in this state.

Theta brain waves: 4-8 Hz This is the important one. In this frequency the mind experiences feelings of bliss, happiness and compassion and is capable of heightened learning, healing, and growth. Experienced frequently by shamans during ceremonies, well practiced mediators such as Tibetan monks.

It is this frequency that we can learn to enter to influence the dominant subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our conscious mind and make powerful life enhancing changes.

Delta brain waves: 0-4 Hz The slowest of all brainwaves and is associated with deep sleep. People with a heightened sense of intuition or psychic abilities are able to consciously access this brainwave


Benefits of Meditation

1. Your life becomes significantly more clearer and calm

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is choking our minds of the peace we deserve! Our technology advancements shouldn’t suffocate our minds, it should allow us to achieve more peace. Meditation helps put those events in perspective for our daily tasks.

2. Your blood pressure is lowered

Science has proven it, meditation lowers the blood pressure, which in return is related to your stress levels and stress management. Much better than taking pills to lower your blood pressure!

3. People around you enjoy your company

Regular meditation leads to higher/positive energy that you are consistently tapping into. This effectively makes you very pleasant to be around, and people like that! People naturally gravitate to the people that make them feel good.

4. Your connection with God is strengthened

Spiritual awareness is strengthened with a daily meditation practice. You naturally become more aware of your surroundings, and higher awareness always leads to a deeper connection with God. The trees begin showing personalities, and the landscape takes on different meanings … all through a deeper awareness.

5. You achieve several hours of sleep in one 20 minute meditation session

Another scientific fact is that meditation is known to put you into a deeper state of rest than deep sleep. Deep sleep is associated with a delta brainwave. Deep meditation can drop you into that delta brainwave rapidly, achieving the effects in a shorter amount of time.

6. Problems that seemed very difficult suddenly have clear solutions

For every problem a solution exists. When your mind is clear and your in a state of peace, solutions appear. Being in a state of peace just naturally attracts solutions and pathways into your field of view.

7. Your productivity sky rockets because of your ability to have clear focus

If solutions to problems appear more frequently when meditating daily, then imagine what happens to your everyday tasks. Solutions to everyday life become more and more obvious. And you begin to take note of these subtle changes as your spiritual vision grows clearer and wider.

8. Your life expectancy increases

Science has shown that regular meditation will increase your life expectancy. It’s pretty obvious to see … less stress and more peace promotes healthy cells and healthy cells regenerate healthier cells. And likewise, stressed cells regenerate more stressed cells. So live longer by choosing more peace in your life.

9. You effectively reduce stress in your life

Speaking of stress, meditation has a profound effect on reducing stress in your body. Because meditation promotes peace and inner calm, stress dissolves dramatically from this meditative process. Again, science has proven it.

10. You can visualize powerfully when combined with positive affirmations and meditation

Meditation is powerful at clearing the mind and focusing on simple things … like breathing … or a flower. But, it can be used for so much more! To powerfully manifest your desires, you must get into a clear connection with the source of manifesting (God(YAHWEH)/Universe/Ethers). If your spirits are on high while you visualize then the communication channel for manifesting positive events in your life is strengthened.

While meditating I like to repeat affirmations, otherwise known as mantras, to help focus my energy into the positive. These statements can be as simple as “love” or “I am love, I am joy, I am peace”.

11. You feel fantastic throughout your day!

And finally, when you meditate on a regular basis, you just feel fantastic. Plain and simple. You feel good!


What Are Binaural Beats?

If two different sound tones are played into each ear, the brain will attempt to find a balance; for example, if the frequency of sound in your left ear is 430Hz, and the frequency you’re hearing in your right ear is 420Hz, your brain will process a binaural beat of 10Hz. These binaural beats are not actually heard, since they are below the natural range of human hearing, but you can often “hear” a sort of “humming” inside the center of your head, as the binaural beat.

It’s been discovered by science that these binaural beats can elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes “entrained”, which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the binaural beat. When this happens, it can change the listener’s brain wave patterns temporarily. This can have a huge effect; binaural beats are highly effective at inducing meditative and hypnotic states. This is a great breakthrough for anyone wanted to learn meditation, but didn’t have the time or teacher to learn how. This type of meditation is also more effective than ordinary meditation, because of the binaural beats. Binaural beats can reduce your stress levels, the amount of sleep you need, calm your thoughts, and it can increase such things as intelligence, intuition and creativity.

When these Binaural Beats are added to a self hypnosis CD, they increase the power of the meditation.

What Can Binaural Beats Do For Me?

Using binaural beats can:

* Safely and easily take you to a state of deep meditation.

* Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, leading you to a high performance state called whole brain functioning.

* Dramatically improves your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.

* Create quantum leaps in your personal self awareness.

* Significantly lower your stress levels and calm your thoughts.

* Create improvements in your mental and emotional health, even areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches.

* Dramatically increase your production of vital brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-being, and quality of life.

Lesson Three~Energy

Understanding Energy 
All energy starts as consciousness, a self awareness that nearly every religious explanation & every scientific theory believes had to have stemmed from nothing. Nothing being a place where our consciousness drops off a big cliff, it is of course, Unconsciousness, unknowable by its very definition. But then as this awareness, born from nothing, gets focused on one thing over another, energy is created. Concentration creates energy. Where we place our focus becomes our reality. Energy flows where concentration goes… It’s a miracle, like childbirth, only more subtle.

Energy is energy, yet energy has different intents, or natures. We can see this to be true by looking at all the many expression of matter there is in our world. Energy in its most subtle expression is not self aware, it is pure awareness, or Pure Consciousness. From this we can see that matter follows consciousness & believing is seeing, not the other way around: Energy flows where attention goes & this is how Reiki works; you must have concentration & increase your level of awareness of subtle feelings as they move through you. Something we are all capable of. Then when you call Reiki to you with great concentration, you step out of its way & trust that the universal flow of energy in the very universe you reside in is intelligent because its connected to all other things. Many people have a difficult time accepting this because they see only those things which separate us, which explains war; as such many people are not Reiki healers.

So how can something come from nothing? The best way I can explain it is this. Nothing, like everything else has a nature. It holds within it its own eternal & infinite nothingness. By this very nature the potential for everything exists within it, even to become, something. So in this sense it was inevitable that something was bound to come into being, that this vast emptiness holds within it all possibility for all expression of life.

You may ask where does God fit in? The concept or reality of God doesn’t have to fit in for this to make sense, yet it is clear that if there is a God, in whatever way you believe this entity to exist, that he too spawned from the Nothingness, as the very first, thus most powerful consciousness that ever was or ever will be. Most Eastern Religions see things this way. Or you could see that God, Is this very Nothingness that we speak of: Vast & Unknowable.

But we are now approaching ground that is beyond the scope of this course & certainly not necessary for you to be successful Reiki healers. I encourage you to fit all this information, somehow, into your own ideas of Spirituality. I assure you that whatever you believe is right for you so long as it has enough flexibility to include Reiki & is allowed to grow & evolve as you live & learn from life. Your own unique views on life, love & spirituality are a welcome addition to the Reiki community.

We are three part being, this we all know: In our bodies all energy begins as this Pure Consciousness which upon co-mingling with our own experiences or subconscious held thoughts becomes mental energy, now focused on one thing over another, this energy ‘pools’ & often gets amped up by an additional dwelling & concentrating on it while it is waiting to be expressed & released. This is called Emotion or Energy in Motion. This makes up your Emotional or energetic Body. The movement of this is a conscious or semi conscious act we call motion, or the physical expression of energy. Many have come to see that the Physical Body we reside in is really just a collection of these very emotional & mental energies that vibrate so fast that they become a solid, or matter.

So in summation, we are three part beings, & each part has its own make up, or body, we have a physical body, an emotional body & a mental body. Reiki works as we align these three bodies, when our thoughts are aligned with our emotional intent & we place our hands upon another transferring the energy from the Universe, through us & into another.

Let’s examine how this is possible. Nothing, by its very definition is unconsciousness. Yet it is within this very medium that a conscious energy exists & can move freely from one person to another, across great distances, the phone, into the past & future as time exists only as a concept, agreed upon by consensus reality. The only moment that is real is this one right, NOW. Thus the past can be changed & healed by affecting that change now. The future can be altered by applying the right energy to it now. So Reiki works to heal the past, present & future & is not limited by time or space, distance or element. Meaning it works underwater Lol.

But we do know a little about nothing because it is represented as the space between things. We have air, water & even fire sometimes, various elements less dense than solid matter yet allow for the passage of matter through them. We have various gases in the atmosphere that are so subtle they are invisible. Then we have a vast expanse of outer space that proves to us that life on Earth is truly a rare &, therefore in my mind, a special case in the universe. Consider this, a mountain is not known to us because of its mass, rock or ridges, we know where a mountain begins & ends because of the space around it. As Michaelangelo once said, an artist need only visualize what’s inside matter then carve out everything that is not that.
Quantum Physics is the branch of science that has already done studies which have shown many of these ‘spiritual’ concepts to have a real basis in science: That the space between us is not empty at all, just less dense. Also the more empty the space, the more clarity that space contains, as evidenced by it being easier to meditate with your eyes closed or concentrating on a single fixed or flickering object. The emptier the space, the less resistance the space contains, as evidenced by the atmosphere vs. outer space.

If the space between us is not empty then it is only a small matter of belief to see how we are all connected, by energy: Connected, far more intimately than anyone of us previously imagined. We may call this energy anything; I choose to call it Unconditional Love: Unconditional being the word that explains why good things happen to bad people & visa versa. Unconditional is the Karma of energy that everything that comes around, goes around. Karma is simply an explanation for the movement of a connected energy coming back into balance with itself. So a nuclear explosion, a lover crying over a broken heart, a stabbing back pain from over exercising & an orgasm have much more in common then we previously thought!

The reason why I choose to call this love is because this is something that I feel deeply. I know that this love stands on 4 pillars, Humility, Gratitude, Patience & Respect, & these are the very values which allow for everything to be separate, yet co-exist & coalesce. All creation occurs in an act of exchanging energy that all humans call love, or love making. This need not be your name for this Universal Energy; many simply call it the Source. I just wanted to share my own view at this juncture. As I said earlier, it is more important that you formulate your own ‘flexible’ & ever ‘evolving’ belief system then it is to adopt anyone else’s.

Other forms or names of energy, Prana, which is a Hindu-Yoga understanding of the life force in air, it enters us through our lungs & vitalizes all things. It is understood that our ‘spirit’ is connected to the very air we breathe, just try not breathing! Then there is Chi, as understood from Chinese medicine since 2000 BC. Used & effectively applied in Acupuncture & Tai Chi as an energy force that runs through our meridian system, recently accepted by Western Medicine as more subtle, yet as real as our Central Nervous Systems.

Then there’s Kundalini, an energy that runs up the base of the spine through our Chakras. A very powerful expression of emotional energy that has the power to release & clear all blockages, fears & resistances, quite forcefully I might add. I have come over the years to understand that this energy is still, all Reiki: The terms Prana, Chi & Kundalini may very well describe the method of travel of this subtle energy, rather than being a different energy altogether. The only exception is that Kundalini is so amped up that it can even be dangerous when released prematurely. So another difference is that energy can be powerful or weak. This is true even of Reiki Healing. You can be a powerful Reiki Healer or a barely effective one.

“As energy travels different pathways it takes on different characteristics. Just as one man who spends his life climbing mountains will have a different nature than a woman who spent her life sailing the oceans”.

I share this because back when I first got certified as A Reiki one I struggled with a way of understanding how Reiki works. At the time I did not understand the nature of magic so I doubted it. Now I see how magic is no less ’magical’ when there is an explanation for it.


Sit Silently and Wait

Sometimes what happens is that meditation is close by but you are engaged in other things. That still small voice is within you but you are full of noise, engagements, occupations, responsibilities. And meditation comes like a whisper, it doesn’t come like a slogan shouting, it comes very silently. It makes no noise. Not even the footsteps are heard. So if you are engaged, it waits and goes.

Therefore, make it a point, at least an hour every day, just to sit silently and wait for it. Don’t do anything; just sit silently with closed eyes in great waiting, with a waiting heart, with an open heart. You are there, just waiting, so if something happens then you are ready to receive it. If nothing happens don’t feel frustrated. Even sitting for one hour and having nothing happen is good; it’s relaxing. It calms you down, makes you still, makes you more centered and rooted. But more and more it will come and slowly, oh so slowly, there will arise an understanding between you and the meditative state; that you wait at a certain hour in a certain room at a certain time, it will come more and more. It is not something that comes from the outside; it comes from your innermost core. But when the inner conscious knows that the outer conscious is waiting for it, there is more possibility of meeting.

Just sit under a tree. The breeze is blowing and the leaves of the tree are rustling. The wind touches you, it moves around you, it passes. But don’t allow it just to pass you; allow it to move within you and pass through you. Just close your eyes, and as it is passing through the tree and there is a rustling of leaves, feel that you are also like a tree, open, and the wind is blowing through you – not by your side, but right through you.


Dance Meditation

WHEN the movement becomes ecstatic then it is a dance. When the movement is so total there is no ego, then it is a dance.

Dancing came into the world as a technique of meditation. The beginning dancing was not the dance, it was to achieve an ecstasy where the dancer was lost, only the dance remained – no ego, nobody manipulating, the body flowing spontaneously. There is no need to find any other meditation.

Dance itself becomes a meditation if the dancer is lost. The whole point is how to lose oneself. How you do that, or where, is irrelevant. Just lose yourself. A point comes where you are not, and still things go on … as if you are possessed.

Dance is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man, so don’t think about meditation separately. Meditation is needed as something separate for people who don’t have any very deep creative energy; no direction for their energy to get so deeply involved that they can be lost. But a dancer, a painter, a sculptor, need not have any other meditation. All that they need is to make their dimension so deeply penetrating that a point of transcendence comes.

There is nothing like dancing . For at least one hour every day, forget all technique. Make it a point to simply dance to God. There is no need to be technical – because He is not an examiner. You will simply dance as a small child … as a prayer. Then dance will have a totally different quality to it. You will feel for the first time that you are taking steps that you have never taken before; that you are moving in dimensions which have never been known to you. Unfamiliar and unknown ground will be traversed. By and by, as you will become more and more in tune with the unknown, all techniques will disappear.!

Without techniques, when dance is pure and simple, it is perfect.

Dance as if you are deep in love with the universe, as if you are dancing with your lover.

Let God be your lover.

Kundalini Meditation – Sun Drops, Moon Drops

In Hinduism, the water of life or nectar of immortality is called “amrita” (“immortal”). It is frequently employed in the Vedas (cf. “soma”), but is also part of Śivaite Tantra, where it is coupled with “rakta” (“blood”) and its associated sacrificial practices.

In the Sâdhana of Amitâyus (the Buddha of Boundless Life, a manifestation of Amitâbha, the Buddha of Boundless Light), the long-life vase containing the nectar of immortality (“amrita”) appears. It is employed in longevity rituals, aimed to increase the lifespan of practitioners with the intention to benefit sentient beings longer.

In the iconography of Padmasambhava, the long-life vase returns, but rests in the skull-cup (“kapila”), representing the polarity symbols of white & red “drops” essential in all Highest Yoga Tantras.

In Tantras of the Father (method) class, method is represented by the white drops situated in the crown wheel, and wisdom by the red drops in the navel wheel. The Lunar white drop (from the father) is linked with “amrita” and the “method” of the long-life vase, whereas the Solar red drop (from the mother) is “rakta” (“blood”) and the “wisdom” of the skull-cup (in Mother tantras, stressing wisdom, these polarities may be reversed). The white drops sustain the solid white organs of bone, brain, marrow & spinal cord, whereas the red drops gives rise to the soft red organs of viscera, blood & muscle tissue. These equivalences are not direct, but indirect by way of hylic-pluralistic multicorporality, in particular the subtle anatomy of the “Vajra body” with its “wheels” (“ćakra”), “channels” (“nadî”) & “winds” (“prâna” or “ch’i”).


Specific Breathwork Technique to open up or clear the first 3 chakras.

Specific Breathwork Technique to open up or clear the first 3 chakras

Start with the Heart Chakra, then Sacral, then Root, lastly Solar.

Technique: Breathe long slow breaths focusing your awareness on the Chakra being addressed. With each breath imagine that you are breathing “through” the Chakra like it is a portal. With each out-breath imagine anything that wants/needs to be released is being let-go and with each in-breath imagine that healthy vibrant prana is filling the spaces left by the out-going “debris” and charging the Chakra with purity and original vibrancy.

Each out/in-breath bears with it information that may manifest in images, feelings, memories, fragments of thought, notice these but don’t engage them, allow them to inform you of further “places to look” in your meditation practice.
You will know you’re complete with a Chakra when you feel “relief” and a fullness.

Courtesy of:

Sunyata Satchitananda