What is transmutation?

Transmutation is a transformation of energies, and specifically this refers to the transformation of the sexual energy. The base sexual energy exists within the hormonal secretions of the endocrine system, as well within sperm and semen.  In esotericism, semen refers to the sexual secretions of both man and woman, and is also referred to as the Ens Seminis. This Ens Seminis can be transformed into an extremely vivifying energy that is literally the cornerstone of the great work of self-realization. All the effects of sexual transmutation culminate into a type of spiritual stimulation that can produce true, fundamental, psychological change.

Samael Aun Weor often speaks of psychological revolutions. A revolution only occurs by destroying the decaying norms of the past while simultaneously forming a new creation. In Hinduism, the divine couple of Shiva-Shakti is the creator-destroyer, and they are often posed in tantric union. Likewise, only the sexual energy can create and destroy, and this is related not just with the physical, but as well with the psychological.

In its essence, the key of self change lies within the transmutation of creative energy, because only it can create a spiritual nature within. Unfortunately, many devout aspirants are unaware of this tremendous reality, and thus it is inevitable that those who do not practice some form sexual transmutation will find themselves stagnant and unable to overcome their own personal vices and defects. Testaments to this fact are all the lamentable stories related to celibates in schools of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc., etc., that do not know how to control their own sexual energy (the Holy Spirit), and thus they either suffer endlessly from wet dreams, take up the vice of masturbation, or worse, sexually abuse others. These problems can only be resolved through the science of sexual transmutation.

Any devoutly spiritual act is fueled through transmutation, thus meditation, mantra, prayer, etc., are complements of the transmutation of sexual energy. Nevertheless, it is necessary for single persons to employ the practice of specific Pranayama exercises in order to take advantage of the otherwise latent sexual energy. Those who are married should perform sexual magic, as this is the definitive method of sexual transmutation.