Just My Opinion

All this talk on the net about Tantra…Neo, Red, White Tiger, Green, and probably many more names I’ve not yet heard. What is this thing called Tantra and why are there so many flavors?

I cannot speak for anyone else on this planet. I can ONLY speak for ME. I am not drawn to Tantra so I can have some complete stranger do sexual things with me under the guise of “enlightenment”. I know it’s not a popular stance to take, but when I hear sexological body worker I think…hmmm, another word for whore, prostitute, or whatever moniker you wish to use. But, hey…that’s just me. I’m still working on that judgmental piece of my ego!!! She is a wild one to tame!

When I first heard of Tantra in the early 70’s I was just learning about sex. I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist denomination, but that did not stop me from experimenting sexually. As I posted in one of my earlier posts, I am a sexual being and have been so since a very young age. Long before I even knew what sex was:)

It wasn’t only the sexual positions I saw in the Kama Sutra that piqued my interest; it was the connection of souls. My sexuality is equal to my spirituality. Again, something I learned at a very early age.

The thought of some stranger touching me in such an intimate way and connecting with my spirit when I am most vulnerable makes me shudder. Although I read voraciously on the topic and try so hard to keep my upbringing and prejudiced out of it, I am simply loathe to allow that kind of intimacy!

My own grandfather crossed that boundary with me as my father prepared to go off to war in Viet Nam and I am scarred. His disgusting acts on me made me not trust men and is probably why I refuse to date men who are my age or older. I never told my family until I was 18 and the old coot made a sexual comment about my 14 yr old sister and I flipped out! We were in the midst of burying & grieving over the loss of our 15 yr old brother & deviant made a comment that brought out all of the anger I had been hiding for so many years. Needless to say, it was traumatic for all:(

Fast forward to now and I still find it difficult to have any sort of relationship with an older man. I know in my head that they are not all perverts & I’ve had some really great elderly neighbors, but you can bet they never came into my house without their spouse.

I continually work on keeping an open mind about Tantra/Taoist/Kemetic/Conscious sexual practices. I know I need to learn somewhere and so I am a member of many communities like this one. I am an avid fan of Jaiya, the “sex expert”. I belong to groups who study & promote polyamorous relations, calling it Progressive Love (Jujumama-Kenya Stevens & hubby Carl). Even though I have been a part of these communities for a couple of years, I still do not want to practice what I learn with a stranger. I believe sex is sacred and the older I get & the more I learn, my belief is made stronger that it is not for casual encounters. There is tremendous power in the energy of sex and it is this power I am looking forward to harnessing with my lover.

Hello world! My brand of Conscious/Sacred Sex

“ I have always possessed a “high sexual energy”…always sensual and kinesthetic, even as a child. But it was frowned upon, censored, and censured. I was terribly repressed, and I was taught that something was “wrong” or “different” about me. I spent many years ashamed and confused about who I was…feeling unaccepted and misinformed.” India Olowokande-Ame’ye

And then I learned to accept myself fully and completely for who I am. I embrace my sexuality; revel in its power and deliciousness. No longer am I a prisoner of society’s close-mindedness. Nor will I allow my friends and family to keep me imprisoned in their self-righteous boxes, filled with their own condemnation. I am free! As a past lover once said to me, “You are the freest person I know”. I take that as a compliment.

I follow the teachings of Jesus, not the people who wrote about Him after He left this earth. Paul with his repressed sexuality & closet homosexuality and hatred & disdain of women, nor any of the others who believed as he did and tried to cram their brand of Christianity down our throats! And you know what? Jesus didn’t go around condemning people. He didn’t really even talk about sex. He gave us two commands…Love God…Love Others as ourselves. To love myself I must embrace who the Creator made me to be. I also pay close attention to the words of Gandhi (my hero) and The Buddha, who is the originator of the term, “The Way”.

The journey into Tantra/Taoist/Kemetic Sexuality has shown me that what I experience is perfectly normal and is a POWRFUL form of energy. In this blog I will share the things I have learned and am continuing to learn. I wish I had been braver when my children were young and told them to embrace their sexuality. Oh well, the past is gone forever, but in its place is the Present and I can share with them what I now know.

Thanks for coming along with me on the journey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)

The is indeed My Unfolding Journey;)