I Am…..


have wonderful people skills
am sensual and sexual
enjoy harmony and balance
have very high standards
can be difficult to please
like to do everything myself
easily tell people what they are doing wrong
am a natural teacher planner and organizer
am always caring and helpful – sometimes to my detriment
am an adrenalin junky of note
like things to happen fast
enjoy travel
can be quite critical and sharp-tongued
am a natural leader
point cup and mug handles in same direction
and clothes hangers
may even color-code my undies
will be relieved to hear that this is not OCD

I have an interesting balancing act to perform . . .

– on the one hand I am the outgoing extrovert sexpot
– on the other hand I am the introverted wallflower

I have a very private side and do not easily share my innermost thoughts and feelings; relationships can be a challenge; body issues may present

My greatest challenge in life is letting go . . . on all levels

2012 is a year of inner learning and can be quiet socially