The Tantra Secret Of Male Multiple Orgasms

Male multiple orgasms are an elusive treasure that most men spend their entire lives chasing without ever attaining it. In fact, there is absolutely no reason why multiple orgasms in men should be shrouded in such mystery. Tantra holds the key to this much sought-after concept – and no, it is not a secret jealously guarded by some fundamentalist tantra teacher. In fact, the boundary between any man and his ability to have multiple climaxes is simply one of misconception and lack of training.

The simple fact is that men are born multiple-orgasmic. Most boys have in fact experienced multiple orgasms many times before they reach their teens. The reason why they are able to experience this is because they have not yet achieved the ability to ejaculate. The first explorations of their sexuality begin without any bias towards the need to produce a spoonful of fluid. In that sense, their experiences are closer to the truth than that of most adult males.

Ejaculation does NOT equal orgasm (as many men know first-hand). Not does orgasm necessarily equal ejaculation. Ejaculation is merely a reflex action of the genitals which comes after a certain sequence of feeling-spurred actions. Because of age-old conditioning, this purely muscular reflex is seen as the zenith and epitome of male sexual pleasure.

However, the fact is that a man can experience multiple orgasms simply by understanding the concept fully, and abandoning certain stubborn preconceptions. Since ejaculation and orgasm is not the same thing, it is possible for a man to experience a series of climaxes without ejaculating. It is a matter of training and mind control – not of sexual prowess. And there is certainly nothing mystical about it.

Yes, it is true – by studying tantra under an experienced tantra teacher, it is possible for any man to become multi-orgasmic. When this happens, the celestial dance of love between man and woman can truly begin. Woman is multiple-orgasmic for the simple reason that her climax is not correlated with an ejaculatory reflex. When her man also sheds this limitation and discovers his true sexual potential, he truly becomes her equal – and her divine consort. He is then able to worship his tantra goddess from a level ground.

“If a man has intercourse once without spilling his seed, his vital essence is strengthened. If he does this twice, his vision and hearing are made clearer. If three times, his physical illnesses will begin to disappear. The fourth time he will begin to feel inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. By the seventh his thighs and buttock (muscles and meridians) will become firm. The eighth time his entire body will radiate good health. The ninth time his life-span will be increased.”~ Canon of Taoist Wisdom