This blog is an endeavor to share with you the sensual essence of being human.  I will explore meditation, mystical & supernatural experiences, manifestation & the law of attraction, laws of the universe, yoga, mind/body/spirit connections, energy, healing modalities, inner peace, daily practices, as well as, health and well-being.

Sensuality is a constant bliss unless it remains unrealized. It is not about thinking always about sex but it is about realizing how beautiful all men and women are and how wonderful is the emotional & spiritual connection between them.

Most of us perceive this connection as merely sexual and see only the sexual side of it. That is when sex gradually becomes monotonous and even creepy because it has been reduced to a mere physical act. Sex without sensuality is distasteful and does not satisfy the soul. 

In sacred sex, each person in the union is held as special, and everything is done as a way of honoring the body, soul, and spirit of your mate. I endeavor to live ALL of my life by honoring the mind/body/soul connection. It is a lovely voyage to be on…a sensually blissful voyage:)

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello..not sure where on the net you’ve found my piem “if you want to change the world love a man”..but I’d appreciate it if you’d please credit my work, at least, and remove the “anonymous” script in replace for my name. Nany thanks. Lauren Wilce

  2. Hi, a few months ago, you had toe poem of Lauren Wilce on your blog: If you want to change the world, love a man. I really really liked the colors you used to post it and I would like to know if it’s possible to have it back. Thank you!

    • I received so much flack about that poem. It wasn’t worth it so I took it off of my blog. Isn’t it amazing how “brave” some people can be when they can hide behind a pc?

      I really appreciate you reading my blog!!! Thanks so very much.

      Jeanne aka lantanagurl

  3. OOps… Sorry, I didn’t see Lauren Wilce wrote on your wall…. Well, I love this poem, it made me cry and I had to stop reading at the first time! Thank you Lauren!

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