A Prayer of Thanks

For today, I am grateful
For tomorrow, I am hopeful
For my life, I am blessed

I thank my ancestors for their labors and survival

I thank my contemporaries for their companionship
I thank my descendants for carrying me with them

For today. . . I do my best in all things
For tomorrow . . . I honor and heal the environment
For my life… I work to be a healthy cell in the body of the Universe

I honor the journey of my life with conscious living
and honor the lives of all I meet and those I will never know.

~ Abby Willowroot 2007

Breathe in me the way to love You

‎”Breathe in me the way to love You,

That I may learn to faultlessly love You.

Pour me the wisdom-wine

By which I become intoxicated with You.

Whisper in my ears of silence

The way to be with You always.

Speak to my wandering senses

And lead them back to Your sanctuary within.

Call the marauding mind and counsel it

How to retrace its steps unto Your home.

With your silent eyes, just look at me

And I will know where to find You.

You may hide behind the ocean,

You may hide behind delusion,

You may hide behind life,

You may hide behind dualities,

You may hide behind theological conundrums,

You may hide behind unanswered prayers,

But you cannot hide behind my love

For in the mirroring light of my love

You are revealed.”


Love Lost?

Love Lost?
Love lost is never so,
it’s merely redirected.
Passion’s wings can rise again,
with flight of love effected.

Love’s perfection removes fear,
the imperfection shows connection
to some endearing spirit, albeit
lacking variable, minus equation

The memories of love felt as such
are ever catalyst for
the sending of sweet energy
on loves lost, altered course.

Peace for memories of the past
let the peaceful memories last
with grace allowing for
the present open door.

By: Jay Vincent

KALI – in the beginning

Let it come
I don’t care
all the poison
all the fear
let it come
let it cum
let it come
Let it surface
Let it rise
Let the tears fall
from my eyes
I don’t care
I don’t care
Let it come.
Let the fires of hell
burn; as I struggle to
learn; let the fires of hell
burn; as I struggle to
discern; I don’t care
I don’t fear; I don’t fear.
for in the ashes of my
demise; lie centuries of lying
eyes; in the dungeons of despair
in the dark night of a soul..
always there be Light.

Let it torment
Let it tear
Let it rip apart my
skin; it’s only skin
after all; it’s only skin;
Let it judge and berate
me; and even dare to
hate me; it’s only sin;
after all; it’s only sin;
let me stumble; let me fall
matters little after all
i just get up; again;
i just get up; matters
little after all, how many
times I fall; matters little
in my eyes, how many times
I rise; matters more the
lessons that I learn;

Is that the best that
you can do? Look, my soul
I’m baring it to you; put on it
your reddest curse; do with it
your level best worst; your time
is now; my time has come.
my captivation; your love of
fun; ride we shall to hell and
back; knock we shall on heaven’s
door; asking angels what wings
are for; when in hell there is no
flight; and in heaven there is Light;
spinning wheels in the game of chance
where fools get torn, who cannot dance;
your time is now; my time has come;
my soul is bare with that mustard
seed of fear. So let it come;
I don’t care; let it cum.

Artwork by:Victoria Bearden, MFA