To our dear Sacred Masculine:

We women live for you, just as much as you live for us. We know we are the most important thing in your life, and bring color, emotion, joy, and challenge, plus all the erotic goodies you love. You bring us your desire and the potential of ecstasy, steadfastness, support, protection and such happiness when we feel special to you. You give us the sparkle in our eyes when we are in love. It’s you, dearest Men ! We love you passionately with our hearts and souls. Just the thought of desiring you lights up our hearts!

We women are striving to re-discover our passion, creativity, and natural desire as we remove judgment and labeling of our sexuality. We long to meet you more fully, including the deliciousness of your lust, and request that you meet us in learning everything we can together about a fuller ecstasy from deep connection at the heart. We ask that you learn along with us, to sense the myriad of energies between our bodies, and open to allow a greater ecstasy.

We reach beyond the boundaries of an outdated system that destroyed sex between us. Women were not taught that men’s sexual needs deserved to be honored. As a result, you often felt starved, and we gave up on sex for many reasons.

We promise to open up and teach you what our feminine sexuality is all about, as we shed thousands of years of shame and guilt. Our throat energies have been dormant from being shut down by violence, but are opening again as we heal, and our ability to speak returns. These beautiful ancient mysteries of lovemaking are returning to us, and we are finding the courage to share them with you.

Please ask us to flow our heart energies into your open hearts, and embrace us with hugs and cuddling. This makes us feel the most wanted and desired. These energies will heal you, too. Our passion builds when this heart energy is shared, and with this fulfillment, we may offer to indulge ourselves by taking care of your needs perhaps even before you ask!

We cherish you, our wonderful masculine partners in ecstasy, and look forward to the awakening energies of love with you!