The Questioner Asks

what is Tantra“The questioner asks: ‘What is tantric sex…a sex which is a meditation based on certain techniques?’

“If you are too technique oriented you will miss the mystery of Tantra. It is pseudo-Tantra that is based on techniques because if techniques are there, ego will be there, controlling. Then you will be doing it – and doing is the problem, doing brings the doer.

Tantra has to be a non-doing; it can not be technical. You can learn techniques – you can learn a certain breathing so that coitus can become longer. If you breathe very, very slowly, if you breathe without any hurry, then coitus will become longer, but you are controlling. It will not be wild and it will not be innocent, and it will not be meditation either. It will be mind – how can it be meditation? The mind will be controlling. You cannot even breathe fast, you have to keep your breathing slow – if the breathing is slow then ejaculation will take a longer time, because for ejaculation to happen the breathing has to be fast and chaotic. Now, this is technique but not Tantra.


Osho, The Open Door, Talk #13

Jesus says love is God. Osho says God is love and I say love heals. love heals it is food for soul. you need love as your body needs food. love nourishes you. If you don’t get love you become angry and violent. Hindus offer mustered oil to god Shani .the massage of oil or just a hug nourishes your body. give loving hug or Pyar Ki Jhappi or hug to somebody if somebody is angry. or hug a tree. after breaking of a unfinished relation people go in to rage as your body now no more getting love. your body becomes attached to your lovers body in love. But when you break the relation without completing it you feel sadness and rage. you can avoid sadness by being total in love and by completing it. but people don’t know how to be total in love and they blame lovers or love for their wounds. You get wounds in love because you play games when love is there and you don’t surrender and total in love. and you blame love .but in reality love is not problem but the problem is that we don’t know how to love and how to relate. tantra is about learning the art of relating. a tantric never get attached and wounds in love. read another meditation technique from Osho’s book “The Open Door, Breathing in Love” Love is always new. It never becomes old because it is non-accumulative, non-hoarding.

It knows no past; it is always fresh, as fresh as the dewdrops. It lives moment to moment, it is atomic. It has no continuity, it knows no tradition. Each moment it dies and each moment it is born again. It is like breath: you breathe in, you breathe out; again you breathe in and you breathe out. You don’t hoard it inside.

If you hoard the breath you will die because it will become stale, it will become dead. It will lose that vitality, the quality of life. So is the case with love — it is breathing; each moment it renews itself. So whenever one gets stuck in love and stops breathing, life loses all significance. And that’s what is happening to people: the mind is so dominant that it even influences the heart and makes even the heart possessive! The heart knows no possessiveness but the mind contaminates it, poisons it.

So remember that: be in love with existence! And let love be like breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, but let it be love coming in, going out. By and by with each breath you have to create that magic of love. Make it a meditation: when you breathe out, just feel that you are pouring your love into existence; when you breathe in, existence is pouring its love into you. And soon you will see that the quality of your breath is changing, then it starts becoming something totally different to what you have ever known before. That’s why in India we call it ‘prana’, life, not just breathing, it is not just oxygen. Something else is there, the very life itself.

Osho, The Open Door, Talk #13

The Male Ejaculation Mastery Technique

Before you begin any self-pleasuring session make sure that you have at least half an hour to yourself and that you are comfortable, preferably fully naked! It is recommended that you practice on yourself  for a while before attempting to use it during intercourse.

As already mentioned, orgasm and ejaculation are two completely separate bodily functions and you need to learn to separate them. Relating to a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 equates to non-arousal and 10 to ejaculation, you need to find a number which relates to you that is just below the point of no return. For most men this will be between 7 and 8.

Now take some deep long relaxation breaths. This will help to relax you as well as help you connect to your body. Inhale in and out through your nostrils. Ensure you take deep breaths, each time feeling the breath in your abdomen (allow your belly to push out as you inhale and fall as you exhale).  Allow your breathing to slow down naturally. Note, how much more relaxed you are feeling. Try to maintain this type of breathing throughout your entire self-pleasuring experience. However, if you do forget to breathe in this way just do it when you catch yourself forgetting!

Begin to arouse yourself…..try and use a variety of touch and massage strokes not only on your lingam but also on other parts of your body, the key here is to experiment and learn what and where feels good to you.  It’s also nice to use lubricant as this helps to enhance sensation and if it feels good make the sounds that give one feedback as to how good it feels.

Once you’ve massaged yourself to your magic number, stop massaging, or doing what it was that got you to this level, and immediately begin the breathing that you were doing when you first started (if you forgot that is), use the inhale to  move the sensations away from your groin and up into your chest and into the rest of your body, make sure you exhale fully at each breath. In addition, while still doing this breathing, you can also pull down on your testicles or do “kegel exercises” to keep you from ejaculating.

Once the feeling has subsided, you can continue what you were doing….try to not allow your energy level to drop too much though before continuing.

Keep repeating this for as long as you wish or as long as time as allows. You will notice that each time you raise your sexual energy you will achieve increasingly greater levels of pleasure each time until you reach a point at which you absolutely have to ejaculate……at this point, go for it. As you ejaculate make sound as this will allow you to continue to ejaculate for as long as you are making sound. However, you do have a choice, and if you decide that you want to retain you ejaculate, then you might want to try this technique.

When, you’ve peaked for the last time, instead of doing the deep breathing as before, this time take in a deep breath. At the same time tighten your muscles in your perineum and anus, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and look upward to your forehead.  Hold all these activities for as long as you can before releasing it. When you do release it, however, just let the breath totally go. If your body starts spasming, don’t be afraid, just enjoy these sensations as all this is your built-up sexual energy releasing into your body….you are experiencing what Tantrics call Full Body Orgasm.

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